Sunday Morning Sailing

Sunday Morning Sailing – A Barcelona Language Exchange AdventureLooking for a unique and refreshing experience for your next Sunday morning? Join Barcelona Language Exchange Sunday sailboat trip, which includes the combination of language learning and sailing in a stunning coastal setting. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy this unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to share my recommendation with you.The Allure of a New Sailing ExperienceOver the weekend, I had the special opportunity of going on a Barcelona Language Exchange Sunday sailboat trip. I have been sailing a few


My First Language Exchange Experience

(Reading time 2 minutes) Learn About my First Time at the Language Exchange!I arrived in Barcelona a few weeks ago, as a college student from the United States doing an internship for the summer. Part of my internship program is taking Spanish classes, with a requirement of using what I learn in class in real-world situations, while in Spain. I was trying to find places to practice and stumbled upon the Barcelona Language Exchange. Here is the story of my first language exchange experience.On Thursday night, I headed to the Space


Revetlla de Sant Joan

This week we celebrate the Revetlla de Sant Joan (Reading time 2 minutes)This week, due to the celebration of San Juan, we will only have 2 language exchanges, Wednesday at Soda Bus and Mojito Night on Saturday at the Jardinet de Gràcia. But, what is it celebrated in the Revetlla de Sant Joan? It is a magical night that celebrates the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year (June 23-24).It is popularly known as the Night of Fire or the Night of the Witches, it is celebrated in all


He tried to dodge my kisses

(Reading time 2 minutes)Sometimes at the language exchanges very deep conversation topics come out, that kind of conversations that hook you and make you admire the people with whom you speak. Other times we tell funny anecdotes that make us laugh out loud. And, on the best days, the two types of conversations are combined.One of those days, we were talking about cultural differences. Stella, from Brazil, said that when she was very young she went to visit a pen pal in Finland. It was her first big trip and


Sometimes I speak alone

(Reading time 2 minutes)Last month I was studying Swedish in Sweden, it was an intensive 4 week B1 level course and I learned a lot. In order not to lose what I learned, I decided to practice it weekly, the problem is that since the pandemic, no Swedes have come to language exchanges, as they used to do before… So I decided to publish a post in the group of Swedes in Barcelona. I had some answers, although I only met one of them, Johan, two weeks after my return.As



Upon arrival, each person receives a sticker with their name, native language and the language they would like to practice or improve. With this now you can begin the exchange! The rules are simple: chat a bit in one language, then a bit in the other so every attendee has the opportunity to practice and speak. There is no minimum level required, the important thing is to put into practice the knowledge you already have, so you can improve. While the event is free, we would appreciate each person ordering at least one drink since the bar is allowing us to use the space.
Mi name is:
I’m from:
I want to practice:

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