Aina Posa


I’m a certified Spanish teacher with a Masters degree in ELE, since 2011. I use the communicative teaching method, so my students start speaking from the first lesson, even when it is their first contact with the Spanish language. I teach in Barcelona city and online. My classes last 1h30min.

The prices are €35 if I go to the students’ home/office or €30 if the class is online.

Bianca Marie Concepcion


I am a CELTA qualified English Teacher with a Bachelors degree in Public Communications. I have been living and teaching in Barcelona, Spain for the last 4 years. I love to create dynamic, classes that incorporate a bit of each aspect of the language- speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. I am available to online and face-to-face classes and will make sure to create engaging lessons that fit your needs and interests!

Price: €20 per hour.

Malika Haffad


Working for over 10 years in French medias as journalist, chief redactor. I have also been teacher during 4 years at the French Lycée in Barcelona. I’m used to give particular clases for children as well as adults what ever the level is. I love teach French and the most important to me, is that my students learn enjoying it! A bientôt!

Price: € 20 per hour.

Constance Faller


I have been teaching private classes ESL for 6 years now. I started teaching in Budapest, Hungary. I am passionate about tennis. I teach in Barcelona city and online. I teach in company and at home.

Price: € 15 per hour

Escola Oficial d'idiomes


Public Center of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Teaching English, German and French.

Address: Calle Empordà 16.

Stella Fuser Bittar


I’m Brazilian and I speak fluent French and Spanish. Brazilian Portuguese is my native language. I lived for 13 years in France and I hold a Master´s degree at the University Lyon II (Lyon-France) in Modern Languages. I love languages, I’ve been teaching for a long time in many countries, in different universities and private lessons. My classes, in general, are focused in grammar and conversation applied to cultural themes. Classes adapted to each student. I´m also a translator (sworn translator in Brazil). I can also communicate very well in English and Italian.

Price: € 20 per hour.

Helena Von Herbst


Master in Translation Studies and Applied Linguistics (University of Moscow and of Barcelona). Experience as a teacher of English and Russian languages for the Spanish-speaking students since the year 2013. I use communicative approach and adapt the clases to the students’ needs (business Russian, Russian for tourism, practice of Conversation). Interactive tasks, lot´s of relevant vocabulary and contemporary useful cultural realias and phraseology. I teach in Barcelona city and online.

Price: € 15 per academic hour.

Lamis Bayat


I have been living in Barcelona for two years now, I’m 42 years old and l adore teaching! So this is why I’m preparing to become an English teacher and learning Catalan in the same time.

Price: € 15 per hour.



I have a long experience based on learning and teaching foreign languages. My very First teaching experience was in 2012 with a group of Chinese students involved in an international programme which allowed them to go to study in the best Italian Art Universities.

I teach in companies, at home and online.
Price: 15 € per hour.

Elisabeth Martins


I am French and I have lived in Barcelona since 1999. I teach French classes of all levels, to professionals and also to individuals. The classes are adapted to the goals of each student (academic preparation, communication techniques, sales …).

I teach in companies, at home and online.
Price: 25 € por hora.

Gabriel Stubbs


I am from California. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Sacramento State University, and I am passionate about giving my students the tools necessary to express themselves in the English language. My style of class is completely up to the student. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals!

Price: € 25 per hour and a half.

Yurybett Silvas


I come from California. I love to be outdoors and enjoy a good picnic. I also love to dance like no one is watching. I decided to be a teacher because I love to help others. I also love the feelings when my students are happy because they learned something new. I am here to show you that learning english is fun! I teach in Barcelona city and online.

Price: € 16 per hour.



My name is Allie and I’m currently working as a private English teacher here in Barcelona. I have been teaching private classes for nearly two years, and I have experience teaching people of all ages and levels. I am a native English speaker from Chicago.

I teach in companies, at home and online.
Price: 17 € per hour.

Laia Molina


I am a French teacher in a high school in Barcelona. Having also worked as a Spanish teacher in Normandy (France). I teach in Barcelona city and online.

I teach in companies, at home and online.
Price: 18 € per hour.

Rim Marniche


I’m a French and an English teacher since 10 years, I have a very strong interest in foreign languages, and real enjoy to teach them, my careful preparation of lessons and classes allow me to help and simplify complicated concepts, I care teaching pronounciation, grammar, writing and all student’s requests. I always adapt the class according the student case and request, depending if the student is a child, an adult, a student or a worker. I teach in Barcelona city and online.

Price: 20€ per hour.

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