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New language, new life

All my life I have always liked discovering new cultures and learning new languages, but I had never studied Spanish.
When I arrived in Barcelona, I had the habit of joining Italian and foreigners groups, as to live again my Erasmus time, which I clearly remember as one of the best periods of my life.
About my Spanish, I was aware I had to learn to speak it and write it properly if I wanted to stay and live in Barcelona. But, at that moment, fear and shame led me to hide behind other languages ​​I was fluent in.
Some months later, once I left the magic bubble of the University, I faced the world of work and I realized that my level of Spanish was bad, because I could understand well, but I did not have the right vocabulary to successfully pass an interview.
That’s how my adventure started at The Friday Language Exchange, where I had the chance to practice my Spanish ​​in a fun way and while making new friends, in a big city like Barcelona, ​​where that’s not so easy.
I saw my Spanish was evolving and I felt more confident talking with more ease and learning a lot through the new people I had met at the language exchange, thanks to its friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
As time goes by, I have tried to integrate more and, learning Spanish and Catalan, has opened the doors to a new and more successful life at a professional and personal level.